Britta Shoot   Freelance Journalist & Writer


I'm a full-time freelance journalist reporting on people and places, including culture, travel, business, technology, nature, and cities. I am currently most focused on researching and reporting on disaster, historic protest, and how people occupy space.

My writing appears in Time, The New York Times, The New Yorker,
The Guardian, The Economist, Departures,
and CityLab.

I've been a contributing writer for Entrepreneur, Fortune, Mental Floss, and Sojourners. For five years, I wrote Centurion's San Francisco listings.
As a critic, I review books, hiking trails, and hotels.

Sometimes, I work as an editor. Most recently, I was the first and only
Managing Editor of the bijou, biweekly digital publication The Magazine.
In 2019, I even edited my own name.

I'm also a photographer. My photos accompany my articles published in Atlas Obscura, Islands, Modern Farmer, and Spirituality & Health.

I began my career in radio, co-hosted the Bearcat podcast, and appeared as a guest on American Public Media's The Story.

I live in downtown San Francisco with Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen. I received my master's degree from Emerson College in 2008.